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    We got laid back rhythms from around the globe.
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    An eclectic mix; dance, disco, dub,
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    On SoulFood Radio we bring the love.
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Ways to Listen

Smart Phone and Tablet listeners go to your App store and download one of the FREE award winning internet radio Apps from Tunein or Radionomy.

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IOS (iPhone and iPad) listener please join us and download the NEW FREE dedicated station app available in the iTunes App Store now.  Click Here

Just search for SoulFood Radio. To listen to the station on your media player click this link to download the stream and open in Windows Media Player, Quicktime or iTunes: http://listen.radionomy.com/soulfood-radio.m3u.


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A little while ago in a moment of madness one man decided to see if he could start his own Internet Radio Station. Why? He spotted a website banner advert that said "Start your own Radio Station" so he clicked. Three years on and the miracle is it is not only still going but amazingly the station has enjoyed real grow. SoulFood plays an eclectic mix of laid back rhythms from around the globe including jazz, funk, soul, disco, dance and dub. They have fun but take it seriously and all from their choice of music to their jingles which are all professionally produced by some amazing talent from around the world.

The station tracks every listener and in the last 12 months an impressive 1,077,749 unique listeners have tuned or rather clicked in and on the 8th of November the station passed 10k listeners in a single day. SoulFood has over 40k followers on Tunein.com and more than 10k followers on Twitter.  The founder of SoulFood Mark Price said "A massive thanks to our families, friends and the growing number of people, bands, producers and DJs that want to be part of SoulFood and enjoy listening and supporting us!!  Who knows with your continued support we could be in the Top 10 Internet Radio Stations in the world one day, lol!".

If you've not had the pleasure visit their website or download their NEW FREE IOS (iPhone) or Android App and search for SoulFood Radio.

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Please join us by downloading one of our FREE IOS or Android Apps so that you can listen to SoulFood Radio anywhere.